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Core team
Who we are

The core team is the operational center of the federation. It primarily takes on tasks that arise in a similar form at all participating sites and which can therefore be managed jointly in a sensible and resource-saving manner. In addition, it promotes exchange between the sites and takes care of all organizational and administrative matters of the Federation. The core team consists of 12 employees at two locations. For the universities of applied sciences, the core team is located at the University Service Center Baden-Württemberg (HSZ-BW) in Reutlingen, for the universities at the University of Heidelberg.

Our tasks

counseling Consulting

The core team advises local information security teams as well as university and college administrations on establishing security processes & concepts. This includes, for example, the introduction of an information security management system (ISMS).

chat Communication

The core team improves communication between institutions through regular consultations and work in thematic working groups. It also forwards security messages to local information security teams and strengthens the flow of information between different levels.

books Training & Education

The core team conducts training on various topics for the local information security teams. It also provides training materials and concepts to enable the local information security teams to provide training themselves.

organized Testing and development

The core team tests new security technologies for applicability in the university context. Based on this, it develops new, innovative solutions for practical use.

collaboration Support

The core team supports the local information security teams in handling security incidents. It also establishes contact with certified service providers, if required.