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Steering committee
Who we are

The Information Security Steering Committee consists of six voting members and additional associate members. The State Rectors' Conference of the universities appoints two representatives for three years. For the non-university institutions, the LRK of the universities of education, the RKH and the presidium of the DHBW agree on two representatives for three years. The steering committee meets every 14 days and discusses current developments in IT security. It decides on projects and the service catalog of the core team. Two spokespersons of the information security steering committee represent the bwInfoSec federation externally.

Our tasks

puzzle Strategic alignment

The steering committee determines the thematic orientation and character of the services. In the course of this, it decides on the thematic focal points, which are then worked on by the core team. A central task of the steering committee is therefore to provide the core team with specifications. This is developed in an inclusive process on the basis of suggestions from the CISOs and CIOs, among others, and is regularly updated as required.

 target Staff selection

The steering committee supports and advises on the selection of personnel for the core team.

chat Communication

The spokespersons of the Information Security Steering Committee maintain the Federation's network and act as contact persons for the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts (MWK). They also establish contacts with companies, government security institutions and civil society actors.

The Team