Vulnerability Scans

Vulnerability management should be used to regularly check IT infrastructures for security gaps and misconfigurations. Vulnerability scanners can identify attack vectors from both an “inside” and “outside” perspective and help close them. The scans are based on daily updated information on known security vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. The knowledge gained from these scans and the corresponding measures to fix vulnerabilities can help to reduce the risks of successful cyber attacks.

bwInfoSec is active in two areas in this context:
  • A framework agreement has been concluded with the company Greenbone for interested universities and colleges. This enables the participating institutions to obtain services at a discount.
  • We offer vulnerability scans and communicate the corresponding findings confidentially.
  • We offer web application vulnerability scans. We can scan individual URLs.

If you are interested in vulnerability management for your institution, please contact us!

Image by Freepik