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Was machen wir
What do we do?

The universities in the state of Baden-Württemberg have joined forces to form the bwInfoSec federation in order to jointly improve information security at the state's universities. To this end, information is shared, central services are established, joint projects are worked on and assistance is provided in the event of problems.

The bwInfoSec cooperation association is a unique nationwide advisory and exchange body dedicated to information security issues for the state strategy. It regularly brings together key information security management stakeholders from those involved in the federation.

The federation consists of representatives of the MWK, two representatives of the circle of Chief Information Officers (CIO) of the universities, two representatives of the circle of Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) of the universities, one representative of the HSZ-BW, one representative of the AK RZ/IZ Leitererkreis and two representatives of the ALWR. In addition, the core team IT security and the board of the information security steering committee are part of the network.

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Core team

The core team is the operational center of the federation. It primarily takes on tasks that arise in a similar form at all participating institutions and which can therefore be managed jointly in a sensible and resource-saving manner. In addition, it promotes exchange between the institutions and takes care of all organizational and administrative matters of the Federation. The core team consists of 12 employees at two locations. For the universities of applied sciences, the core team is located at the University Service Center Baden-Württemberg (HSZ-BW) in Reutlingen, for the universities at the University of Heidelberg.

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Steering committee

The Information Security Steering Committee consists of six voting members and additional associate members. The State Rectors' Conference of Universities appoints two representatives for three years. For the non-university institutions, the State Rectors' Conference of the Universities of Education, the RKH and the Presidential Board of the DHBW agree on two representatives for three years. The steering committee meets every 14 days and discusses current developments in IT security. It decides on projects and the service catalog of the core team. Two spokespersons of the information security steering committee represent the bwInfoSec federation externally.

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