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The universities in the state of Baden-Württemberg have joined forces to form the bwInfoSec federation in order to jointly improve information security at the state’s universities. To this end, information is shared, central services are established, joint projects are worked on and assistance is provided in the event of problems.

The bwInfoSec cooperation association is a unique nationwide advisory and exchange body dedicated to information security issues for the state strategy. It regularly brings together key information security management stakeholders from those involved in the federation. All services are only available to universities in Baden-Württemberg.


The Backup-Paper published by bwInfoSec is intended to provide food for thought and tips on the three points of malware resistance, recovery tests and backing up data in the public cloud. The reason for this is the BSI’s report on the state of IT security in Germany in 2023, in which the BSI …

May 20, 2024 Read
Handout for Information Security Incidents from the ZKI

The ZKI, the association of the Centres for Communication and Information Processing in Teaching and Research, has published a handout on preparing for information security incidents. The guide shows short-term action points that can be worked on successively in order to be able to act in an …

January 8, 2024 Read
BSI Report IT-Security 2023

The BSI has published its report on the state of IT security in Germany in 2023. The report provides a comprehensive overview of the threats in cyberspace in Germany. In 2023, the BSI concludes that the threat in cyberspace is higher than ever before. Ransomware remains the main threat. In total, …

November 3, 2023 Read
Malware Information Sharing Platform

The MISP (Malware Information Sharing Platform & Threat Sharing) is an open source platform designed for threat intelligence sharing and cybersecurity collaboration. MISP provides a structured environment in which security professionals can share information about malware, threats, attack …

November 30, 2023 Read
Working Groups

The core team organizes working groups in which you are welcome to participate. These working groups are intended to provide an exchange on current topics in the area of information security. Together, we try to find solutions for the implementation of security measures. Currently two working groups …

August 21, 2023 Read
Vulnerability Scans

Vulnerability management should be used to regularly check IT infrastructures for security gaps and misconfigurations. Vulnerability scanners can identify attack vectors from both an “inside” and “outside” perspective and help close them. The scans are based on daily updated …

January 26, 2023 Read